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Human Resource Management

Total Human Resource Management Services

Overview of Our HR Services:

1. Organization Structure

Based on a study of the organization’s work processes and the business imperatives, apply insights into the specific business and design an organization structure.

  • Structure at the organization level
  • Structure at the department level

2. Banding

Based on the organization structure and the level of impact of the different roles in the organization, design a Banding System. The Banding system will form the basis for several other HR Policies such as compensation & benefits, Career Development and Capability Development.

  • A Banding System along with a policy document

3. Role Descriptions

Profile and define all roles in the new organization and create a progression of roles within each function that will clearly depict the accountability and expectations for each of these roles. The Role Description for each role will comprise the purpose of the role, Key Accountability areas, details of activities under each Accountability area and reporting relationships.

  • Role Description Documents for all the roles
  • Hiring criteria for the critical positions & implementation in few critical positions

4. HR Policies

Design and document all the key HR polices which we believe need to exist in the specific industry. This will include things like:

  • Hour of work & late working
  • Leave, PMS, Scorecard
  • Statutory compliance
  • Probation & confirmation
  • Business conduct & rewards
  • A policy manual

5. Training

Designing of training and knowledge management systems and processes.

  • Design and creation of the training modules
  • Implementation of one rounds of the (two-day) training program
  • Training internal trainers

6. Organizational Climate Survey

Conducting organizational climate survey to determine the motivational levels of employees in the organization.

  • Design and creation of the questionnaire
  • Administering the questionnaire
  • Analyzing the feedback
  • Interpreting the information and documentation
  • Design and creation of the training modules
  • Presentation of the findings and recommendations

7. Performance Management

Design a system that builds accountability and also links individual performance expectations to organizational operating plans.


Design and submit the Performance Management System including handbook, forms and employee communication pitch. The system will be in two parts:

  • An annual system for Managers and above based on goal setting a six-monthly system for frontline staff
  • We will develop the Performance Management System including the appraisal system mentioned above. This will also include the handbook and the relevant forms to be used during the appraisal process

8. Staffing

Assist in need based recruitment of staff at all levels. We will work out the staffing plan as per the recruitment strategy for the retail venture.

  • Assist in recruitment of staff at all levels

9. Rewards & Recognition

Assist in developing innovative short term and long term rewards and incentive strategy for staff at all levels.

  • Design the Rewards and Recognition systems

Based on our experiences in various industries we will design a rewards and recognition program which will include concepts for various awards.

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